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Zebra iMZ320 Wireless Bluetooth Printer with Charger


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Zebra MZ320 Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer with battery and charger included.

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Product Description

Each printer was pulled from a working environment and completely tested by a certified technical engineer. These printers are in good overall condition and are 100% fully functional with a 90 day replacement warranty. Battery and Charger is included.

Model: Zebra iMZ320 Printer P/N M3E-0UB0E020-00

Purchase Includes:

  • (1) Zebra iMZ320 BLUETOOTH PRINTER
  • (1) Zebra iMZ320 BATTERY
  • (1) Zebra iMZ320 CHARGER
  • 90 Day Warranty

  •  Get the benefits and value associated with using today’s smartphone and tablet devices. The new iMZ™ printers now support Bluetooth ®  connectivity to Apple ®  iOS, as well as Android ™ , WinMobile and BlackBerry ®  platforms.
  • Mini Zebra Printers Take Your Business Where it Needs to Go! Get the benefits and value associated with Zebra with the MZ series of receipt printers. These easy-to-operate mobile receipt printers
  • are great for users looking to replace pen and paper documentation, pre-printed receipts, or unreliable mobile printers. Each tiny MZ printer can be a smart assistant for any mobile receipt printing application where you need quick, simple receipts on demand.
  • Use Bluetooth ®  2.0, IrDA or USB to connect  to a handheld or smart phone device (Windows or Android ONLY) and produce crisp, clear receipts!
  • Sleek, Subtle Sidekicks – these unobtrusive printers can be worn comfortably for a full shift without interfering with the user’s tasks. And because it’s a Zebra, there’s no compromise in reliability when you choose an MZ series printer.

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